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Practical learning opportunities online and in presence on the JUMO Campus

Also in 2022, Corona continues to cause many uncertainties. The JUMO Campus has accepted this challenge, further adapted its training program to the new conditions, and expanded its online offerings: in addition to exclusive training courses, for the first time open seminar dates will also be offered online in the new year.


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The JUMO Campus offering ranges from free webinars, e-learning, and technical books to seminars and exclusive training courses. These support JUMO customers in always keeping their expertise up to date and getting the maximum benefit from their JUMO product.

JUMO will also be offering completely new "online" seminars in digital form starting 2022, in addition to the seminars in presence form. For the presence appointments, all training rooms are adapted so that distance and hygiene rules are observed at all times. If the number of registrations exceeds the room capacity, the participants will be divided into several groups. However, the high standard of quality of our seminars "From practitioners for practitioners" remains unchanged. On average, JUMO training courses are rated 1.3 by participants.

Practice-oriented exclusive training - live or online
All seminars can alternatively be held individually as exclusive training - either on-site at the customer's premises, or simply online. The advantage: no travel expenses are incurred - thus eliminating all associated risks and costs. Practice-oriented training on JUMO products is also possible here - the devices are sent to the participants accordingly in advance.

JUMO webinars give customers and interested parties the opportunity to gain an initial insight into a selected topic within just under an hour. The focus here is on product innovations and current topics - new dates are also published accordingly during the current year. Participation is free of charge and the response from customers worldwide has been extremely positive. For this reason, JUMO has continuously expanded its offering in German and English in recent years.

E-learning courses and technical books
In addition to the range of seminars, more than 170 e-learning courses, webinar recordings, and technical books in German and English can be found on the JUMO Campus. Here, both beginners and experts can find useful information on topics such as temperature measurement, fluid analysis, functional safety, or control engineering.

JUMO Campus-Portal
The complete range of training courses has been clearly summarized in the JUMO Campus Portal. Here, interested parties can find seminars and webinars, as well as e-learning courses, webinar recordings, and technical books in a clear presentation. Thanks to various filter and search functions, users can conveniently find the right training offers for their product or subject area.

Detailed information on all training offers as well as the possibility to register can be found on the JUMO Campus Portal at

The upcoming dates for 2022 can be found below:


  • Seminar: Electrical temperature measurement for the practitioner (08.03.2022 online / 13.09.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: Determination of measurement uncertainty in electrical temperature measurement (14.09.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: Preparation of the individual measurement uncertainty budget of your temperature measuring point (on request)

Liquid analysis

  • Webinar: Application of inductive conductivity measurement technology (08.06.2022 & 21.09.2022)
  • Seminar: Analytical measurement technology for the practitioner (17.05.2022 online / 15.11.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: JUMO AQUIS touch S/P - Modular multichannel instruments for liquid analysis (16.11.2022 Fulda)

Pressure and Level

  • Seminar: Pressure and level measurement technology (28.09.2022 online)


  • Seminar: Flow measurement technology (07.06.2022 online)


  • Seminar: Control technology for the practitioner (07.-10.03.2022 & 12.-15.09.2022 online, 16.-19.05.2022 & 07.-10.11.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: 3 days compact: Measure. Control. Record. (05.-07.04.2022 & 20.-22.09.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: Control parameters and optimization of controllers (21.06.2022 Fulda / 02.11.2022 online)
  • Seminar: Configuration and operation of JUMO compact controllers (22.06.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: JUMO DICON touch - dual-channel process and program controller with paperless recorder (23.06.2022 Fulda)


  • Seminar: JUMO paperless recorder for recording process data according to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (27.04.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: Safe handling of measurement data from JUMO devices with recording function (28.04.2022 online)
  • Webinar: JUMO paperless recorders – counters/integrators function (28.06.2022 & 05.10.2022)
  • Seminar Data recording and data evaluation with JUMO paperless recorders (27.09.2022 Fulda)


  • Seminar: JUMO TYA 200 series thyristor power controllers (19.05.2022 online / 28.09.2022 Fulda)
  • Webinar: JUMO dTRANS T06 Ex from the perspective of explosion protection (14.06.2022 & 29.09.2022)
  • Webinar: JUMO temperature transmitters at a glance (15.06.2022 & 04.10.2022)
  • Seminar: JUMO variTRON 500 - Basic course (21.-22.06.2022 & 08.-09.11.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: JUMO variTRON 500 - Advanced course (23.06.2022 & 10.11.2022 Fulda)
  • Webinar: JUMO Cloud - establish connection and visualize first values (29.06.2022 & 06.10.2022)
  • Seminar: Measuring, control, and automation system – JUMO mTRON T and CODESYS V3.5 (on request)

Overall topics

  • Seminar: Functional safety in Europe pertaining to Safety Integrity Level and Performance Level (11.03.2022 & 16.09.2022 Fulda)
  • Seminar: Extension of JUMO components through PLC functionality (18.05.2022 Fulda / 17.11.2022 online)

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