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JUMO di eco - Digital Indicator (701540)


  • 76 × 36 mm format
  • Three-digit back-lit LCD display
  • Digit height 13 mm
  • Symbols for temperature unit
  • Measuring input for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage standard signals
  • 10 A relay (changeover contact) alarm output with adjustable switching hysteresis
  • Configurable alarm suppression
  • Customer-specific linearization via table function
  • Parameter level protected by code
  • Protection type IP65
  • Configuration with setup program


Display of temperature, pressure, and other process variables.


The JUMO di eco digital indicator makes the display of temperatures and other process variables easy. RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage standard signals can be connected to the measuring input. The actual value is displayed on a three-digit back-lit display. Instances of limit value exceedance can be monitored via a 10 A relay (changeover contact) and indicated by an LED. The switching hysteresis and alarm suppression can be configured with the three keys on the front. Electrical connection is made via screw terminals on the rear of the device. A setup program and a PC interface are available as accessories for easy configuration and parameterization on the PC.


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Download  168_304.exe (Demo-Version)  (5.5 MB)

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